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Clara Bell Johnson Born on 07/18/1920 in Dalton, Georgia. She is the mother of Willie Frances Turner. Clara moved to Michigan in her late 20's or early 30's. Clara worked for Uniroyal where she retired. Clara was a breast cancer survivor. Clara was a stern woman, faith driven and serious when it came to education. Clara died at the age of 74 years of age.

Henrietta Richards was born on 08/26/1913 in Dalton, Georgia and lost both her parents at the age of 3 years old. She was raised by her uncle and aunt. Henrietta moved to Michigan with her husband, had no children and worked at Uniroyal where she retired. Henrietta had a strong foundation and a strong belief in furthering your education. Henrietta was a traveler, fearless and a very direct woman. She always kept her word, strong sense of integrity, with a great sense of humor to match.  Henrietta died at the of 100 years of age.

Willie Frances Turner was born on 11/19/1940 in Dalton, Georgia. Ms. Turner moved to Michigan as a teenager and lived with her great aunt Henrietta and she is the daughter of Clara Bell Johnson. Ms. Turner was the first to go to school, finish her secondary education in her family and graduated sum cum laude. Although she was destined for greatness and was to further her education in nursing, she chose to get married and began a family. Ms. Turner had five children, dealt with domestic violence, struggled with alcohol abuse and died at the age of 53 years old. 

Phenomenal Women of Essence Scholarship Fund

Phenomenal Women of Essence Scholarship is based on the phenomenal women who have impacted my life . These women are Henrietta Richards, Clara Johnson, Willie Frances Turner and Dafiney Turner.  These women with the exception of Willie Frances Turner and Dafiney Turner had no more than a fourth grade education but was able to grasp external education, make a stable living and was very family oriented. They all had hopes and dreams of the next generation taking advantage of getting their education and beginning generational wealth. What also makes these strong women Phenomenal is that they had walked different paths and was exposed to some form of trauma in their lives but did not allow it to deter them from becoming productive and successful women. Henrietta and Clara came from underprivileged  family and a time where they were deprived education. They both made sure that Willie Frances was able to obtain an education and was more privileged than they were; however Willie dealt with alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and mental health issues. Because of these women valuing education, I want to give back and help an underprivileged family that has a youth graduating from High School and will attend college after graduating. I will be giving away three  $250 scholarships no matter your major and one $500 scholarship majoring in the healthcare related fields. 

See rules and deadlines below. 

To apply you have to provide your information and meet the scholarship requirements. Applications will open on January 1st-April 30th of every year and you also have to live in the Detroit area. Please click on link below and send in your Name, address, email, school, currently attending, school acceptance letter (if available, see additional rules), GPA, and share your background story about yourself, your family, why you chose to further your education and your major.  Please also submit two letters of reference from either your school (Teachers/Counselor) or Community Leaders (Church, Organization). The letters should be sent with your name and sender on your behalf to 




Email Address *

Current High School Attending *

College Accepted*


Essay/Story *

Every book, shirt, candle, room diffuser, or room spray purchased from the order page, a portion of the proceeds will be put into the scholarship fund. You can also make a donation that will go directly to the scholarship fund.

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