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Make Your Life a Story of Success With Motivation and Hard Work

Live Ready for Life Opportunities

Think more clearly and move forward in life! I hold motivational speaking engagements. I engage the hearts and minds of people. It’s my way of helping you see doors of opportunities that open right in front of you. I want you to be able to seize the moment every time!

If you need someone to guide you toward success, I’m here for you. Connect with me today book an appointment. I look forward to serving as your motivational speaker and moderator for the day! 

Moderating/Interviewing Gallery

Events Organized

Ladies Take Over Series

My goal is to help people overcome the adversities they face and inspire them to become successful in life. Aside from providing clinical therapy, I hope to achieve this objective through motivational speaking events. For details, feel free to contact me.

There’s More to Come!


"Behind the Scenez: THE RISE OF RESILENCE"

A Book Written by Phoenix Q. Brown

In GREEK MYTHOLOGY, a Phoenix is said to live 4,000 years before it dies by self-destructing in combustible flames and re-emerging from the ashes.

The mask of this creature is that we don’t know the journey it endured before rebirth. All we know is what we see and the story that’s told about their unique transformations.

Its journey is similar to the character Phoenix. Phoenix represents how her beauty is present, but no one knows the story of how she rose from a life of struggles to becoming a productive member of the society.


“This book took me down a road I never knew existed. As I journeyed with the main character, I cried with her, laughed, and cheered for minor victories. This coming of age book teaches strength, love, and all family ain't your family. Although the content is raw, it's smoothly written, and eloquently communicated. A very powerful book!”

Dennis C. Williams, Restaurant Business Owner

Motivational Speaking Gallery

Learn How to Hope, Cope, and Achieve with Phoenix

Phoenix is ready to motivate any audience that is willing and ready to make an impactful change in their lives. 

What Phoenix has learned is that there is not always a clear cut path in becoming RESILIENT. She wants to shared how she was able to find her own path without direction and wants to encourage empower you to illumination your own path. 

Phoenix provides simple life desiring techniques that can sure to help refocus your way of thinking, revitalize your way of energy giving and encourage  you to be brave, spirited, and noble minded.

All you have to do is have the willingness for change of thought and behavior. I’m here to share my story and the journey that got me here. I know first hand that the journey isn't always easy. I am here to support you all the way. Get in touch with me to schedule motivational speaking at your next event  free consultation!

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